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Snow Frog Jelly or 'suet kap' (in cantonese)


  • Snow Frog Jelly
  • Dried Honey Dates
  • Red dates
  • Dried longan
  • Rock sugar (optional)


  • Soak the Snow Frog Jelly for 4 hours in mineral water. Clean and put everything into a double boiler and simmer for 4 hours on low heat.
  • Take care to check the water on your double boiler.
  • Tip - If you do not have a double boiler then try with a slow cooker.
  • p/s I did not add sugar but you can add a bit of rock sugar (optional)


Note - This is the most basic way I recalled being boiled by the elders in my household when young. Of course since then I have eaten boiled with home made soya milk, with snow fungus, with oat milk etc. Let your imagination run...