Crispy Prawns Fritters (cucuk udang)

Crispy Prawns Fritters (cucuk udang)

Last weekend a friend told me she has been hankering for cucuk udang. She asked me for my recipe and I realised that I have not made these for years. I am not sure if she meant just these crispy prawns ones which I love or the ones with beansprouts and kuchai. These are my first choice and those are my second loves.

However she got me thinking where did I put my recipe. One day many years ago I experimented with different combination of flours; with and without egg to find the combination I wanted. I have even fried with prawn stock, not water, the bit softer type and the crunchier types etc etc……… The MAD housewife – kekekekekeke

The final recipe I uploaded to my old blog which I have since lost. In my cooking I am often a bit like a ‘bee in the bonnet’ type of person. I will try and try and try and experiment and experiment BUT once I made it to my satisfaction I will lose all interest and only cook once in a blue moon. In this case it has been a few years. I have to dig around to find my recipe and Facebook recorded my mad moment was on 25th June 2011!!! Luckily I found it! Thus this is an old recipe revived with TIPs.

My husband do not like big prawns so I distributed to other families near me when I made yesterday for the pics taking. Luckily I have willing guinea pigs – hahahaha

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – If you want a crispier outcome then make the batter slightly thinner, ummmmm….like pouring custard consistency and if you want crispy sides and softer middle then make it thicker consistency like thick custard.

If you make very thin batter it is very good to eat with rojak sauce!

Of course if you want to add in beansprouts and beans or Chinese chives then you need the thick custard consistency.

Experiment and enjoy.

p/s I used left over batter + a bit more rice flour and batter chicken strips for my son who also like his Dad don’t eat big prawns. Sigh……… I just have to share my prawns fritters out when I make them.

Crispy Prawns Fritters (cucuk udang)


  • 15 – 20 Prawns
  • 150g OR 3 heap tbsp Rice Flour
  • 50g OR 1 heap tbsp Cake flour (My preference but Self Raising flour is ok)
  • 1 tbsp Corn flour (for dusting prawns)
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 heap tsp Chicken Powder
  • Salt & Pepper
  • scant tsp Chili powder, Paprika, (Optional)
  • 1 large Egg
  • 2 tbsp Oil (I used garlic flavoured oil) sunflower oil is fine
  • 1 cup Cold tap water


  • I am using peeled prawns as I have no prawns with shells at home but the best prawns to use in UK is the small shell on prawns. However my family only know how to eat without shells! Keep your prawns in the fridge as cool as possible to prevent prawns from overcooked when frying.
  • Mix all the dry ingredients together and add in the egg and water.
  • Mix well, no lumps. Set aside and get your oil and spatula or steel soup scope ready.
  • Put your spatula into the oil and heat together. I used medium heat.
  • Use another spoon to spoon the batter onto your spatula then place the prawns on top before frying.
  • Gently lower your batter and prawn filled spatula onto oil letting the oil sizzle the sides thoroughly before lowering the whole spatula in.
  • Inside a minute the prawn fritter will float up. If it don't use a knife to help nudge it.
  • After a minute, flip over and let the front fry.
  • Check the colour and take out drain when ready.


TIP – If you dust your prawns with a bit of cornflour they are guaranteed to stick. DUST not coat! 
TIP – Just try frying batter first without the prawns so you can judge whether your oil is hot enough and how long you need to fry or if you need to adjust the heat. If you are able to fry a few each time then turn heat up slightly.
TIP – Do NOT drip the oil till your spatula dry. A touch of oil like a couple of drops is fine. This make sure the batter won’t stick to your spatula.
TIP – Today I added spring onions and chili padi. This is optional. It is just because I like colour in my food.
TIP – I put my prawns in the freezer for 30 minutes before using. This is to ensure that they are not overcooked.
Note – I find the ratio of rice flour to self raising flour is 3:1 for crispy prawns fritters is good for me. If you want to make the cucur with vegetables I recommend 1:1:1 for rice flour, self raising flour and corn flour. 
End of TIPs. Enjoy trying.

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