Tuna steak salad

Tuna steak salad

Sushi grade tuna is not meant to be marinated. Like a great steak, a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper is really all you need to enhance its own fresh flavor. Of course I highly recommend frying in butter.

Fresh tuna steak is also not meant to be cook to death, aka do not fry it until all opaque! It must be PINK in the middle to keep it moist and taste delicious. If you are cooking at home then it is better to cook your tuna steak medium rare with PINK in the middle as oppose to eating raw.

Tuna is extremely high in protein with almost no fat. The hubby is a big fan so now and again I will buy for him as it is very expensive.

As with salmon I do not buy them if they are not fresh and I do not like spoiling them by overcooking them or use them in too flavourful spices or sauces until I can’t taste the fish itself.

Anyway the sun is out today, after many weeks of semi miserable weather in UK so it’s tuna steak salad day.

TIP – The tuna steak is fried on one side with butter for literally a minute. Then as I flipped it over turned off the heat.

TIP – It is not only nice to break off the hard fibrous lower part of your asparagus but it is very tender if you just lightly peel them before cooking which literally takes a few minutes.

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