In the UK we too are under quarantine and have since moved to quite stringent quarantine, just short of a total lockdown due to this virus Covid 19.

I have not left my house since Friday the 13th. As I am of the high risk group I decided to quarantine myself early on. In the last 2 weeks my husband and son have been doing the groceries shopping but of course they come back with nothing matching my list and we just have to laugh. It’s eat what we can.

As of Tuesday my daughter work decided to shut down and she brought back a lot of milk, chips and eggs. My son managed to finally purchased for me 2 whole chickens (after 3 weeks) so we are good for a while.

We have now decided not to go out at all and only things that needed to be topped up would be done by my son who is front line staff and is working right though.

Mummy is very proud of her boy and of course have to cook what he loves and he loves Carbonara , his mum’s Carbonara to be exact. (Also because my double cream is on it’s due date today) kekekekekeke

As I looked in my blog I found that I have not post this recipe in this new blog. It was on the old blog that was lost sadly so today I typed in this 30 minute recipe.

I am not even going to argue about whether Carbonara is only made with olive oil, no cream or vice versa. I believed that in different parts of Italy is is made differently as some parts will have dairy and some not BUT this is how I was taught and this is how my son love his! PEACE



  • Pasta of choice
  • Double cream
  • Eggs
  • Bacon (lardons) or pancetta
  • Cheese
  • Salt & pepper
  • Garlic


  • You need 2 pots or wok.
  • Put a pot to boil with water enough for your pasta.
  • In the other wok, fry lardons with garlic. I did not add oil as my wok is non stick and the lardons will give me some oil.
  • Meanwhile in a jug crack your eggs in. I use 3 yolks and one whole egg. you can just use yolks if you want a richer taste. Then mix in the double cream (as much as you like) I used a cup.
  • When pasta is ready NOT soft but al dente transfer over to the hot lardon pan and turn off the heat.
  • It is very important that you do not pour in your eggs & cream mixture when your pan is too hot or you will have scramble eggs with pasta!
  • If your pasta is too dry (aka my family like saucy) you can add in a bit of your pasta water. Season with salt and pepper AFTER you taste because cheese and lardons or bacon can be salty.
  • Serve immediately.

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