Pulut Tai Tai – Special

Pulut Tai Tai – Special

Pulut Tai Tai with gula malacca kaya (gift from a friend) Pulut Tai Tai according to Wikipedia – Pulot Tartal is Malacca-based dish where white coconut milk sauce is served with glutinous rice (pulut)

I have always been a bit of a rebel deep down. Hence a green coloured Pulut Tai Tai 😀

I am steamed my glutinous rice the same way I did for my Seri Muka recipe. https://www.julieolive.co.uk/2018/12/26/kuih-seri-muka-special/

Compress the rice lightly but firmly. Do NOT press to hard until your rice are tough! I prefer my glutinous to have a little give myself. However this is again arguably to personal taste.

I also like my rice slightly more salty as it goes so well with the sweet kaya. Again you can adjust to your taste.

If you soak your rice a longer time, say more than 8 hours you might need less coconut milk and less steaming time. It is entirely up to you to try.

Of course it stands to reason then your steaming time also depends on your heat. I used medium. 😀 Happy trying.

Pulut Tai Tai – Special


  • 400 g Glutinous rice
  • 400 ml Coconut Milk
  • Half tsp Salt
  • Pandan Juice
  • Bluepea flower juice
  • Banana leaf
  • Drop of oil


  • Measure, wash and soak the glutinous rice overnight.
  • When ready to use, mix coconut milk and salt to rice to rice and steam for 15 minutes
  • Fluff the rice and then put into ready tray greased with oil and lined with coconut leave at the bottom.
  • Steam again for 15 minutes and then drizzle in one side with the prepared pandan juice and the other with the blue pea flower juice.

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