Christmas 2020 – cheers to absent family and friend.

Christmas 2020 – cheers to absent family and friend.

Christmas 2020 – Oh what a year 2020 has been and that is saying it midly! I feel very emotional today. I was cooking and crying at certain points. I cannot gurantee that the pigs in blankets do not have an extra dose of salt. I am not sure if it’s the brandy or watching the that makes me so emotional today.

I thought of my father-in-law whom I have lost just before Covid19 and of my classmate whom I have lost a couple of months into Covid19. This pendemic year, if it has taught me one thing is that we must live life to the fullest. Do the things that makes us happy, be kind to oneself and be kind to others.

My new year resolutions is again – I must try to be less critical of others and to accept that what I feel is right to me might not necessary be right to others. I must try to be more forgiving and be more tolerance of othes’ shortcomings (tongue in cheek) because we are all not the same. A tough thing for me to do as mostly we find it easier to say things than to pratice in real life. I am sure I have some good friends and family who will no doubt remind me if I strayed from the straight and narrow.

Anyway cheers to absent family and friend. Kudus to my fahter-in-law without whom I would not have beeen able to serve a real English roast with much appreciation and approval from my son. Missing my father-in-law whose characters and love I will forever cherish. Now I had better stop tearing as my family is looking at me wierdly. The hubby said I should not be drinking any more brandy!

Merry Christmas and a happier and better new year for us all!

For Starters we have a choice of smoked salmon or garlic prawns with salads and a special dressing of roasted garlic and herbs. Served with melba toast.

For Main we have Côte De Boeuf with mustard herbs crust.

For the roast beef – Côte De Boeuf – Ribeye of beef – Just Julie (

For the beef gravy – Beef gravy as taught by my outlaws – Just Julie (

For the roast potatoes – Ultimate Crispy Roast Potatoes – Just Julie (

For the pigs in blankets – Pigs in Blankets or Kilted soldiers in Scotland – Just Julie (

For Dessert we have terimasu a la Julie with baileys. – Tiramisù a la Julie – Just Julie (

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