Soup Terjun (ABC soup)

Soup Terjun (ABC soup)

There are many many types of simple soups. Soup Terjun is one of the easiest and enjoyable when it’s summer and my garden is in bloom.

To some people like myself the joy of harvesting from garden to table in a matter of minutes is beyond words. It gladden my heart and makes me proud.

Today my soup terjun is made with 4 different types of mints, lemon verbena and spinach. I will be giving my TIPs on how to make the soup nicer. I always thought this is just simple but on chatting with a close friend yesterday I found out that she cooked hers differently from mine and never thought of boiling it the way I do. She always find her soup a bit fishy and that’s why her husband and children do not like it. We had a giggle and today I decided to write this for her least she forgets.

TIP1 – If you use minced garlic the garlic is easily burnt and your soup will be left with dark specks. I made garlic oil and use that instead.

TIP2 – Removed the fried anchovies and only put them back in the end. Soggy anchovies is terrible to eat (in my opinion)

TIP3 – Due to the nature of the dried anchovies (ikan Bilis) being slightly fishy, adding a few slices of ginger and frying before adding water to make stock solve this problem. Frying the ginger slightly loses that ‘raw’ ginger taste too.

TIP4 – Add in the greens when you turned the heat off cause if you boiled your leaves they will turn yellow or brown!

TIP5 – Top with the crispy anchovies and crispy shallots just before serving.

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