Cured Trout

Cured Trout

I have not been updating my blog for some time. The intention is good but real life got in the way. My KitKat was involved in a hit & run and he as well as us humans were all traumatised. We just managed to get him home now after surgery to wired his broken jaw and he will eventually have to amputate his front left leg but he survived and is getting stronger each day.

I have started cooking again, a fortnight of take-aways mostly is not making my tummy happy and I put on weight! Worrying and not sleeping at night gave me more wrinkles and my back ache like nobody’s business. Hopefully my cat heal faster and things goes back to normal soon.

I am typing this post fast because we finally have some time to visit Costco for a big grocery shop and they were selling beautiful whole sides of trout. I decided to buy a piece and used half to cook curry and the other half I cured it – my way. Hopefully others who like cured fish would and want to try can go and get some now. They were very fresh and so tasty.

Basically this curing business is extremely simple. All you have to do is to have on hand salt and sugar plus a clean container preferably one that is air tight. Please follow the pics.

So all you need to do is to rinse your trout, dry with kitchen towels and then in a clean air tight container sprinkle a layer of rock salt and sugar. Natural rock salt are less salty. Place in your piece of trout and again sprinkle another layer of salt and sugar on top. Next is the flavours. You can use anything you like really to add extra flavours. Westerners like to use lemon rind, dill etc You can also add a tablespoon of whiskey. Today I crushed come curry leaves, Sarawak peppercorns and dried chilli. Then close your container and forget about it for 6 hours or overnight but no longer than 12 hours. The longer you leave it the tougher the protein but it is entirely up to you. Enjoy.

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