Basic sambal chilli belacan – Special

Basic sambal chilli belacan – Special

Today I make sambal belacan chilli paste again. The ones I made last week were all gone and I only gave 2 cups worth away. The daughter complained she wanted to eat more.

We happened to go near a Chinese supermarket yesterday so I bought the biggest bag of dried chillies and 3 packets of fresh chillies I think amounted to a kg. I spent yesterday deseeding the dried chillies of as much of the seeds as I could. Took quite awhile but I have breaks for chocolates and coffees so no hardships.

Today daughter is home to help do washing up so she asked me to cook. In return I have to mark a big tub as hers and everyone don’t touch.

The recipe is simple and please adjust to your taste.


  • How spicy you want your sambal is entirely up to you. Sometimes you just cannot get spicy chillies and at other times they blow your head off – so there cannot be a fixed recipe.
  • If the sambal is too spicy add more sugar. I prefer to use brown sugar but it is entirely up to you.
  • Chillies seeds do not make your sambal more spicy. Please Google and read or should I say educate yourself. I hate to eat chilli seeds.
  • Toasted belacan gives a more umami taste.
  • Salt helps to draws out taste of everything so add some.
  • Adding vinegar helps in preserving your sambal but hey it never last in my house! You can bottle them, vacuum seal them and they last forever.
  • It took me on low heat about 2 hours for this batch discounting the deseeding dried chillies time and boiling time.
  • Remember the taste mature the next day and it taste more mellowed.
  • Enjoy eating knowing that your sambal is cooked with love and you can eat as much as a jar a day – kekekekeke
  • There are so many uses – can add in dried shrimps, ikan billis, onions, garlic and anything you like to it.

Basic sambal chilli belacan – Special


  • 800 g Dried chillies
  • 1 kg Fresh chillies
  • 2 tbsp Belacan toasted
  • 3 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 3 cups Oil
  • 2 cups Vinegar


  • Relax and deseed the dried chillies while watching television whenever you can.
  • Wash the dried chillies and leave them to soak in a pot ready for boiling.
  • Put the soaked dried chillies to boil. Bring to boil and turn heat on low for an hour.
  • Meanwhile remove the seeds from your fresh chillies.
  • Toast your belacan.
  • Add your oil to wok and start to heat.
  • Blend your dried chillies and add to your hot oil. Do the same to your fresh chillies.
  • Fry for half hour till the chillies and oil separates and slowly add in your toasted belacan. (adding more or less is up to you)
  • TASTE – Add in sugar, more sugar if too spicy
  • TASTE – To draw out the taste of everything you really need to add some salt (I know belacan is salty; use the best belacan you can get, they are not too salty)
  • TASTE – Add in your vinegar and NO you cannot really taste the vinegar much. Adjust to your taste.

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