Chinese pork jerky (Yok Kon, Long Yok, Bak Kwa)

Chinese pork jerky (Yok Kon, Long Yok, Bak Kwa)

I started making Bak Kwa on my second year in UK. I was so desperate to eat. I remembered making it in the middle of winter. There was no sun to be seen. What to do? Needs must. ? I rolled and used the oven to bake them. Once I actually lighted the BBQ in the snow  as I was too fussy. To me baked in oven just do not taste the same! I wanted that slightly burnt taste that only  BBQ from charcoal can give. Thinking back I could only laugh at my greediness. Then there was a year where I taught all my Facebook friends to make bak kwa and my Facebook news page were dotted with bak kwa pics from all over UK, France and even across the pond from the US. All my friends were making bak kwa. To read more about Bak Kwa

Fast forward some 20 years and now making it is a lot easier because I have a nice back garden space that I can use. Also practice makes perfect. Having outside water pipe to wash helps too. Nowadays I make them only in the summer. I have sorta developed the easiest way for me to do it too. I now vacuumed sealed them and freeze for those times when I feels like eating with home made bao buns.

I have made four batches of 3 kg mince each in total for this summer thus far. I have send some to friends who have not been fortunate enough to balik kampung for awhile as a treat. This is my recipe that I have developed over the years. Please use it as a guide and adjust to your taste. I find that my taste have changed from the time when I used to make with a relative every Chinese New Year to sell in Ipoh, Malaysia. Those were the days. It’s like another lifetime ago ……..

This post is more about the TIPs and way of making rather than the perfect recipe. I will give you my preferential recipe of course. Please refer to each pic for explanations and TIPs. Enjoy.

p/s I prefer mine to be tougher, fatter and chewy but the hubby prefer his softer and easier to eat but no fat – What’s your preference?


Chinese pork jerky (Yok Kon, Long Yok, Bak Kua)

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  • Mince pork of 3 kg
  • 2 cups Caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp Five spice powder
  • 1 cup Rose Wine
  • ¼ cup Fish Sauce
  • ½ cup Soy sauce


  • Marinate overnight in fridge after mixing well (MUST) is the best
  • Roll out patiently and making sure it’s as even as you can manage.
  • Dried in the sun to the point where it is just firm enough to peel and handle without breaking. Over drying means tough bak kwa
  • Best to BBQ
  • Wait for it to cool completely before packing.
  • Can be kept frozen in your freezer. To eat just let it defrost in your fridge and eat the next day.


TIP – The coarser the mince the softer the jerky.
TIP – The drier the meat the tougher the jerky.
TIP – Very thin will give you crispy jerky
TIP – Brushing with maltose when BBQing gives them a nicer shine.
TIP – You can roll half thinner and half thicker but remember to remove the thinner sides from the sun first. Other ingredients can be added to the marinate are – MSG, cinnamon powder, licorices powder, meat tenderiser, red colouring, oil, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce etc but I am at an age now where I just prefer the simplest. it is entirely up to you to experiment

4 thoughts on “Chinese pork jerky (Yok Kon, Long Yok, Bak Kwa)”

    • Hey Nana, Usually as long as they dry to stick together. Hard to say. Depends on strength of sun. In UK that’s a lottery in itself. However you need to leave it till you can lift them up without them breaking but not too dry or your jerky will be tough kekekeke

  • Thanks for that. So is it ok if the top is still a bit mushy, but the bottom can be peeled away? also, have you tried using a dehydrator?

    • Nana that is correct. No I have not tired a dehydrator. 20 odd years ago when I first came to UK first year I was so desperate I use the oven in winter, on the grill and as soon as stick together enough to slice I took them out, slice and stacked first before fully grilled but taste was not satisfying to me. Missing that charcoal fire smokey taste.
      That time I used grease proofed paper. Now i bribed my postman to give me a few post bags after drowning him with loves of cookies and cakes 😛

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