Sambal Okras

Sambal Okras

How to fry sambal okras without the ‘snot’ kekekekekeke…….

Now I am not saying mine is the right way. As I have said before there is no right or wrong in cooking. It is up to individual taste. However this is how I fry my okras and it is NOT slimy at all. Promise. give it another go. Just read the pics. As I have been asked a few times I decided to do this post.

Prepare your sambal – I used some dried chillies, fresh red chillies, shallots, belacan and garlic. A touch of sugar and salt. I like my dried shrimps washed drained and lightly pounded. It is entirely up to you how fine or coarse you want your paste to be.

I rinsed my okras quickly and then place them to soak for a couple of minutes in tap cold water + few drops of vinegar. Drained. They are now ready f

Hmmm…..a ‘friend’ just say I am too ‘straight forward’ 😀 but I really hate overcooked vegetables. I also hate not tailing and topping okras. Hey I am not gonna eat the top and tails and I am a ‘lady’ so I can’t spit them out onto the table can i? 😀

TA DA and so your okras without the ‘snot’ is cooked. Okras is very good for diabetic so eat more ok <3

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