Sambal Okras

How to fry sambal okras without the ‘snot’ kekekekekeke……. Now I am not saying mine is the right way. As I have said before there is no right or wrong in cooking. It is up to individual taste. However this is how I fry my okras and it is NOT slimy at all. Promise. give … Continue reading Sambal Okras

Asam Laksa

Asam Laksa can happen in Hertfordshire, England. A couple of decades ago I I was missing Asam Laksa so much but it was near impossible to find all the ingredients here. I was ‘importing’ my stash every time I balik kampung 😀 My stash included torch ginger (bunga kantan), polygonum odoratum (daun kesum) and calamansi … Continue reading Asam Laksa