Nasi Lemak sambal

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  1. 5 stars
    This looks absolutely delicious Julie! The dish initially looks quite complicated, but this recipe with all its detail makes it seem very simple 🙂

    I’d love to speak to you about sharing unique recipes like this on a bigger platform which could allow you to preserve true Malaysian culture in the process. Please email me!

  2. 1 star
    Looks great on paper but your recipe is impossible to follow. I have no idea what a bowl of something is, your pictures don’t follow the same order as your instructions and you also seem to arbitrarily double some of your own quantities (for ikan bilis).

    1. Hi I am sorry you find it difficult to understand what’s a bowl of paste and half a bowl of paste means. This is how the older generations like my grands and mum would jot down their recipes. My blog is for self record and not for making money from advertisements or selling etc. I always maintained my cooking recipes is only a guide and nasi lemak sambal is the top example – How much onions or ikan billis to add in depends on how much an individual wants to or can afford to in the UK.
      I suggest you search the internet for recipes with precise measurements. Most of my recipes except for baked good are not in precision measurements mode as each batch of chilli and onions would be different as well as individual taste buds.

      1. A photo of the bowl used to measure ingredients would give a frame of reference.
        I have made it twice now. It was delicious!
        Can I freeze it?

    2. Qing Qing. Back home here we came from, all good cooks doesn’t measure their ingredients. We all go by ‘agak agak’. If u r not familiar with agak agak then maybe it’s time u find out what that is.

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