Silky Mustard Green with crab meat (滑蛋 Kai Choy)

Silky Mustard Green with crab meat (滑蛋 Kai Choy)

Alright, first question first. Who is old enough to remember this dish? It is normally served during a 10 course wedding or birthday dinner when I was very much younger. Second question is who has recently ate this dish?

I, for one have not eaten it for a long, long time nor have I seen people cooking it. I only remembered this dish because I bought some mustard vegetables to make Kiam Chai Buey the other day but found that I did not have much bones and stuff saved. This meant I have not been eating duck for a long time. kekekekekek I have to rectify that soon. So I have to rack my brain on what to do with the mustard vegetable and this dish of yesteryear popped back into the old grey cells suddenly.

Another reason I decided to cook this is because my hubby do not eat crabs, or so he insisted. I like to have a challenge and I like to think I am the winner today. He lapped up every bit of the sauce. I mean he is just a hair’s breadth short of sucking it up with a straw! It’s like when he said he don’t eat pork belly or prawns then I will mince pork belly with prawns to make crispy beancurd wraps or fried wanton and he would not be able to stop eating. All’s fair in LOVE and WAR in my book – kekekekekekeke

Today I cooked with more sauce because of the hubby, he likes a lot of sauce with his rice. I also made my garlic and crispy shallot rice to go with this dish because I cooked only one dish. I can’t cook another dish or there will be leftovers. Sigh… especially in the past year as age has creeped up on us, we are finding it hard to sleep if we have a big dinner. Ah….I missed them days when I can hantam a bowl of Belacan BiHoon, a plate of mee goreng, ice kacang and a tall glass of coke and probably a plate of rojak as well. Nowadays we have to do what I call ‘pace-eating’!

Note – I remembered in the olden days when this dish is served we were given a small container of Chinese black sweet vinegar but today I chose to use Apple Cider Vinegar as I try to find ways to get my family to take this.

Hope you try and enjoy this dish.

Silky Mustard Green with crab meat (滑蛋 Kai Choy)


Ingredients to ready

  • Mustard Green (Kai Choy)
  • Julienned ginger
  • Minced garlic
  • Sliced shallots
  • Crab meat
  • Prawns (optional but I love prawns)
  • Eggs
  • Cornstarch
  • Chicken stock


  • Salt & Pepper
  • Brandy
  • Vinegar (The way to get my family to take ACV)
  • Chicken powder


  • Prepare the mustard gree. Pick and wash, saparate the thicker stems into halves, wash and drain.
  • Divide the mustard green leaves into 3 parts, 1) the hard stems, 2) the bottom leaves with thicker stems and 3) the leaves.
  • In a hot wok fry first your ginger followed by the shallots and garlic.
  • Then add in your fresh prawns. When cooked in goes the stock and your chicken powder, crab meat, salt & pepper, corn starch, brandy etc.
  • When your sauce is ready add in the prepared vegetable with the hard stems first – refer to pics. Lastly a drizzle of ACV. Serve hot and immediately.

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